Bioinformatics of Human Proteomics: 3 (Translational Bioinformatics)

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Drug-Like Properties. Li Di. Kim Ekroos. Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery.

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Jens-Uwe Peters. Chemical Genomics. Professor Haian Fu. Biotransformation and Metabolite Elucidation of Xenobiotics. Ala F. Structural Genomics, Part B. Andrzej Joachimiak. Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies. Zhiqiang An. Molecular Analysis and Genome Discovery. Ralph Rapley.

Protein Analysis using Mass Spectrometry. Mike S. Flexible Viruses. Vladimir Uversky.

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Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development. Daniel L.

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Protein Surface Recognition. Ernest Giralt. Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry. Hugo Kubinyi. Annette Gilchrist. The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry. Camille Georges Wermuth. Antibody Drug Discovery. Clive R Wood.

Bioinformatics of Human Proteomics

Mitochondrial Function, Part B. William S. Colin J. Michael L. Personalized Medicine.

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Rossen Donev. Progress in Medicinal Chemistry. David R. Translational Bioinformatics and Its Application. Dong-Qing Wei. Genomics and Proteomics for Clinical Discovery and Development. Advancements of Mass Spectrometry in Biomedical Research. Alisa G. Metabolomics: From Fundamentals to Clinical Applications. Alessandra Sussulini. Donglu Zhang. Microarrays in Diagnostics and Biomarker Development. Bertrand Jordan. Predictive Approaches in Drug Discovery and Development.

Andrew Williams. Pharmacokinetic Challenges in Drug Discovery. Radiation Proteomics. Dariusz Leszczynski. Proteomic Applications in Cancer Detection and Discovery. Timothy D. Stem Cell Bioprocessing. Tiago G. Cancer Systems Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine.

Alfredo Cesario. Antonia Vlahou. Ulf Schmitz.

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    New data storage and data sharing approaches are required to enable diverse biomedical communities to contribute to genomic discovery. Conclusion: The translation of genomics data into actionable knowledge for use in healthcare is transforming the clinical landscape in an unprecedented way. Exciting and innovative models that bridge the gap between clinical and academic research are set to open up the field of translational bioinformatics for rapid growth in a digital era. Heelan R. Rusch V. Fulton L.

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    Mardis E. Kupfer D. Wilson R. Kris M.