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  2. 54 mm J-Bar - Anderson Pens, Inc.
  3. Building the Daily Plan Bar
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Fortunately, the man who taught me the art of pen repair was a master of improvising repair work. He taught me a lot about do-it-yourself repairs and engineering.

As our goal was fully restored pens that worked as good as new, instead of featuring only all original parts, we had a lot of leeway. Probably the best and cheapest trick he taught me was to fashion a J-bar out of brass flashing that sells for about a dollar a foot at your local hardware store.

Pens & Bars

Insert the new pressure bar J first, and make certain the length of the new spring is resting on the lever. Pulling out the new J-bar can risk damaging the lever-filler assembly, so try never to pull the new J-bar if possible. I suppose you could use steel flashing, but brass has the advantage of not rusting. Either way, be sure to select a very thin piece that has a lot of flexibility.

You will also need scissors that can cut it and a pair of needle nose pliers. Once you get everything together at your work bench, follow these steps. Some slip to either side.

54 mm J-Bar - Anderson Pens, Inc.

Make sure you cut the flashing so it is wide enough to accomodate this deviation. Using your needle nose pliers bend one end of the flashing into an arc. I like to bend the flashing into 2 degree angles. This makes a boxy J. It is perfectly fine to make an arched J.

Building the Daily Plan Bar

Insert the new pressure bar assembly into the pen with your needle nose pliers. Push it all the way into the tail. Be careful not to push the pliers deeper than they are meant to go into the pen. They work Perfectly.

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Thanks Anderson Pens for stocking such a useful item. Sincerely, Robbin. Bought an FP off eBay and when I disassembled it, the jbar fell out in pieces! Replaced it with no problems.

National Food Critic Pens Mea Culpa For “Killing” Portland’s Best Burger Bar

First, I had some problems getting the original order to go thru IT connectivity problems at my end , so ultimately two orders went thru J-Bars came exactly as described. Anderson is a great seller to do business with.

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Iwill be more products from them. My order arrived promptly. I appreciate the thought and care that went into the packaging. Aderson has them, why go anywhere else?

4 Sided Galvanised Dog Pens - No Roof (8cm Bars)- Prestige Range

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