When God wasn’t watching, the Devil created business

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  2. The Devil’s Chord: A History of Satanism in Popular Music
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They even make a big show of wearing Scripture verses on their foreheads and arms, and they wear big tassels[a] for everyone to see. I remember back in the 70's we use to go to Holy Ghost revivals with my great grandma and as old as she was she can dance it rejuvenated her that the next day she will still be full of the joy of the Lord because, He became her strength. Arlene, you must do some soul searching in terms of how you use the words "black people" in the context of dance in the church. You also must do some research in dance, as dance was how we as a people survived slavery along with prayer.

It was and is a way of life for us. And for u to say call us hypocrites and use dance as a means to entertain in the church sheds light on your heart, which is divisive. We do not need dance to show off in the church Arlene, this is what the clubs are for.

Esu is Not the Devil: How a Yoruba Deity Got Rebranded

Our young people must have a means of expression and many take formal ballet and gymnastics, but also praise dance to express praise to Him. You must also not be aware that white americans use praise dance as well and many have classically trained dancers. Please before u post bigotry and use Gods name to do so, do research, because you have just made yourself judge.

All of the gifts have been made carnal in one way or another, but we try to insure that our dance is NOT carnal, that it portrays the words and sentiment of the song, and that our garments are modest. Our song choices are relevant to the environment of our church Evangelical and have a scriptural base, but crosses many barriers and can be ministered almost anywhere. Our group tries to live or work toward a standard of holiness in our individual lives as explained biblically , so that transfers in our ministry. You can't fake that. To put a blanket statement out there to say that it is performance only is offensive to those of us who try to make sure that we minister to the people - but focus on the audience of One.

Time for some of you to have a better experience. Look for groups that are anointed for dance, not just putting on a show. Ava from Miami. Cathy Hutzell from Atascocita.

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I love to dance to 'church music'. I'm built for singing, so God blessed me with a daughter who loves dance as much as I. Since she was very small I would say, "I am singing on Sunday, do you want to dance? God accepts all we offer to Him. Dance belongs in worship. Cate from Richlands. I have danced competitively for 3 years and been enrolled in formal dance education for 13 I'm Praise dance is dance in the same respect as ballet which is very hard and painful, at least you realized that.

Singing is also rehearsed correct? And while some people are naturally better at playing instruments that could be argued to not be a given talent, because you don't just naturally know how to play an instrument.

The Devil’s Chord: A History of Satanism in Popular Music

Dance is the same way. All talents are can be used to glorify God. Final thought - why in the world would Christians wear masks before our Father? There are those who wear masks in rituals- but they don't worship our Father, at all. Why would church people imitate the satanists? Hello friend - this one sounds a bit difficult at first because as a rule, we're not taught well in our churches. Here's my short answer: dancing, rocking, rolling clapping - all these things may make us feel good, but they give us pleasure in our flesh. Our Heavenly Father wants us to praise him in our hearts.

It's not hard for emotional excitement to turn into turn into fleshly passion.

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Father wants us to be holy before him! Blessings -TH. Tracy from Oakland. There are too many distractions in church today. The early church didn't need it. Dance to God at home! Why do preachers have so many titles, who are they trying to impress? Jesus called Peter, Peter. Tamoka from Jacksonville. Praise dancing is a form of ministry, and more importantly, as its name states, it's a form of praise to God.

God instructs us to praise Him in the dance and to submit our bodies to Him as a living sacrifice, I would think that includes dance as well, or whatever He has gifted to you to do unto Him.

Kanye West - Jesus Walks (Version 2)

David danced until his clothes came off in the Bible. Why are you upset about praise dancing? And you don't have to be talented at all to dance for God, or practice dancing for God to perfect it. Mariah from Glendale. White face?

Every mime wears that make up there are white mimes. Angie from Chicago. You sound like a bigot. You also sound like you have no dancing skills whatsoever and are jealous of "black people" that have TALENT enough to do so in this way. How is it ok for worshippers to practice singing songs for a Sunday service, as opposed to just spontaneously singing what they are lead to sing, but it's not ok to practice a dance?

I couldn't help but roll my eyes through most of this article as I could see it was just the enemy using you to cause further devise among Gods people. Every place I've seen a negative on this subject ,it seems that one of the primary points against it is that it is a form of entertainment. Also that is not a bad thing. I remember puppet shows in church as a kid.. Entertaining yes.. Boring for adults..

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When I read blogs and comments like these, I am reminded of the Scripture that tells us If only we could come together in unity as Psalm says. Then the true beauty of holiness will be restored. Valerie Parker. If the praise team or choir rehearses, does it mean they are not singing to the Glory of God?

Should they just sing spontaneously? Rehearsal is necessary to sharpen skill. But, I also believe in spontaneous dance movements and songs fueled directly from the Holy Spirit, using individuals yielded at that time. A praise or celebration dance will have a different style than worship or prophetic dancing. The key is to dance from the heart towards God whether rehearsed or not. I had to stop reading about how you feel about praise dancing.. Its just another way of giving God the praise.

David dance right out of his cloths. He had no intentions of coming out of his clothes. I guess you felt like his wife did. She didn't like it and neither do you. Cristina from New York. I will not comment on the praise dancing aspect of this article, but I must comment on the general consistency of theterm "black people" in this article, which denotes heavy elements of racism and divisiveness. As a European American, who by the standards of this country's definition of race is "white," I actually converted in a hispanic church with elements of praise dancing. I am not here to judge, but rather to share that the Lord does not look at our skin color but our hearts.

Esu is Not the Devil: How a Yoruba Deity Got Rebranded - OkayAfrica

Piccola Smith from Augusta. I choreograph Liturgical Dance in which my girls study the words of the song which they will minister and used their bodies to illustrate or interpret those words or lyrics. We do not just flare our arms and legs nor are we repetitive. These young ladies minister spiritually while allowing themselves to decrease so that the Holy Spirit may increase and his words may be received. This allows us to give him praise through dance. Sasha from Florida. I have a couple of issues with this article. First of all its not just "blacks" that praise dance. I minster in dance and I find that when I am ministering God will take me to a whole new level in him.

Not only do you need to have talent but you have to have the holy ghost down on the inside of you to effectively minster to his people. There are many talents in the body of Christ and this article is not only discouraging but its judgmental. I think you need to keep an open mind. Blessings to you.