You Can Be Rich By Thursday: The Secrets of Making a Fortune in Multi-Level Marketing

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I know everything about it.. I hve been in the business of networking with quest net fo the past 1.

The Rise Of Stealth Wealth: Ways To Stay Invisible From Society If You Have Money

Have you ever met a director of this company? Have you ever participated any Proper training from a Leader or a director?

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I m happy you got the product. It means questnet works… right? Regarding the Mother Theresa coin you bought for 13, rupees… please tell me these things i who is the Manufacturer? The issuing authority? Aprat of that.. Afetr you purchase that 13, coin are you entitled to get any busines profits from that Famous Jeweller or are you just an enduser? But what you have to actually see is that this Business plan is totally flawed. The company is making enormous amount of money and paying us peanuts! As someone pointed out earlier, for the 1st cheque u receive, the company pockets approximately 1.

No business in this world makes such enormous profits. They also tell you that value of numismatic coins goes up by 3 to 15 times in the timespan of 4 years. By doing this they can they will get much higher profits and much much higher sum could be contributed to RYTHM. One day, lets say every such person has joined.

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What will happen to the people who joined late? Lose their money. You can be successful in this business only if you joined early.

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This is the reason malaysians would be making the most money in this business. It started there you see. No wonder it increased the incomes for the people there.

Our Business Model – Get Real Abundance

Do you think thats true? You have to be dumb to believe that.

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Hell, even I have found flaws, why do u need Harvard students. I was even told that zaheer khan, gauri khan, dino morea etc. I really get pissed when ppl quote the mineral water and aerated drinks example. They tell you that it costs the company 1 rupee but you pay 12 bucks. Now now…lets get this straight. I get thirsty and i buy to quench my thirst.

There is a demand and there is a supply! Is there such a high demand for bio disks or numismatic coins? There will tons and tons of numismatic coins in the world. Do you think it will have any value then? They are just reaping the benefits from human greed! Thats the whole plan.

Exploiting the Pyramid - Multi-Level Marketing

The system that they are following is called binary tree. Check you maths. When u go to a supermarket.. Yes…Questnet also creating a demand for their products and services in the market with WOrd of Mouth adversting and showing business benifits with commission plan… for us..

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To, Mr. I have enough spare time to do this… as im earning passive income … My hobby is to argue and and give… information for the people who real in DARK…. I have read all your replies given to the querries. I can assure you that the majority of questnet members are agrieved. QuestNet does not have a customer service base. I am presently pre occupied in some proffessional work but can assure th QUESTNET that i will get behind the company with a vengence as it is trying to dupe innocent citizens of their hard earned money.

If you are an agrieved member then start a drive against the questnet. ASk me for any details. One tonne of marble was brought and put up in the front of the chapel. I want it to be the best ever. The bishop went on a small tour and when he came back, he walked straight into the chapel to see what had been done…half expecting a half-finished piece of work.

200+ Most-Renown Network Marketing Quotes by Business Legends

It had been three months…and the stone was completely left untouched. Not a single scratch, not a mark. All the tools were brand new, still lying on the side…nothing had moved, nothing had happened. He comes at the crack of dawn and he sits in front of that statue. Then he repositions himself and then he repositions himself again, as the light changes. And he just sits and stares at the stone. He came back 2 months later. He went into the chapel, and again not a single scratch.

Again, when we he talked to the lay monks, they told him exactly the same story. So he went, and there he was—the sculptor—staring intently at the white square marble. He leaned over very gingerly and tapped him on the shoulder. So, he tapped him a little bit more…again there was no reaction. So he gave him a light shout and there was a massive eruption. The sculptor turned around and immediately snapped at the abbot, cursing him vehemently, demanding that he get out of the chapel, and not darken the threshold of the chapel ever again for as along as he was there.

If he ever took a breath, made a squeak of a noise again, or interrupted the sculptor, the sculptor would actually complain to the archbishop. The abbot just slunk away. I am coming back next month. By then, he should be finished. Again, he went into the chapel…there was nothing waiting for him to see.

Seven months of the year had gone by. The archbishop decided to talk to him the next day. At the crack of dawn, the archbishop sat in front of the marble, waiting. The doors opened. The sculptor strode right in. He did not even see the archbishop. He went straight up, picked up his tools and started hammering. The archbishop quietly left. Four months later, one month short of the year, La Peitra David was born.

It is considered to be the finest sculpture ever done. Now the question would be: What was he doing for 7 months? The lay monks asked the archbishop this when it was unveiled. Each day, he sat there and as he walked around and he has finished an entire sculpture in his mind, and then chosen to reject it.

Can you imagine, I just missed Davids. The sculptor had studied the grain of the stone, the colour, the lighting and everything. You cannot remove it after it has been sculpted, and the sculptor learnt from the stone. Why would you need to asses him? Oh my god, Please release those who are in negative vibrations….

Those who are cttracting negative circusmtances in to their life… without looking the sunny side of the word with Questnet Opportunity….